Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is one of my first paintings.I was very tenative with color. Interesting to look at again

I painted the framed painting a few years ago. I was very detailed in my painting and somewhat more confident with color.

I just painted this. Much more adventurous and bold with color and compositon. I'm not sure it works,but I know I am changing,evolving and challenging my self in new ways.

Has your style or approach changed over time?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is my VSD painting. When my husband first saw it he said"wow... what's the fifty for?" I said,"don't you see the fifty in the picture?" But what I was really thinking was, I just bought a new masquepen,Silly! And that is why the 50 is so dominate. This should really be titled exploring the masquepen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a start....

If you look closely you can see the beginnings of a chandelier emerging. I'm not sure where this will go. I know I won't add ink the colors are too soft.I will probably add some cool colors, though I'm not sure what colors quite yet. I posted this for one of two reasons, I just got my laptop back and it's working, although the Internet connection isn't great and I just love the colors. Some new colors of course, not all though.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New paints

My laptop is in the repair shop so I am using my son's computer,which is a huge learning curve.
I am happy just to be able to post something! My new paints arrived from Daniel Smith. I bought quite a few different colors,and I am still experimenting with them,such a treat. The iris is my first experiment. I added more darks to the stem of the flower but didn't take a photo of it. Quinacredone(not sure of the spelling of this oh,well) colors and phthalos. I was really pleased by the size of the tubes of paint 15ml. and D.S. threw in a few extras which was really a nice surprise.I painted the chandelier during the holiday break It's really a mess .Chandeliers are proving to be more challenging than I expected.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

touched up tulips

I touched up my tulips I'm still undecided. I added some watercolor pencils,pastels and some extra washes of pthalo green. Kinda fun.

Time to move on.

Saturday is painting time!

I seem to be stuck on over working the left hand side of my paintings. I think I may add some pastel and watercolor pencil to this. Maybe jazz it up a bit. I may also paint this again or crop it . Value is a constant problem for me. I really enjoy darks and lights but dark colors are a challenge to mix. This summer my painting teacher had a value tool that was really handy it was a transparent piece of red plastic that you look through to view values. I would love to buy one but don't know where they are sold???

The dog picture is a painting I did for my son's girlfriends mother.