Sunday, June 14, 2009


As I Work on this 5x7 watercolor I have been thinking about mixing paint on the paper instead of on the palette. The colors seem more vibrant when mixed on the paper as long as you know they mix well. I have also been using a lot of palette color just swishing my brush here and there.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fathers day roses

More roses inspired by my fathers wild rose bush that I inherited. The roses on my father's bush are red but I wanted to continue to pursue a similar color scheme as the previous painting. This time I pulled out my Daniel Smith colors. DS paints are really something. I usually use WN but I just love Daniel Smith colors. I was thinking of color more than shape when I painted this.

Off to my son's birthday party. Lucky him he lives on a lake, but the weather today is to cold to enjoy it. My younger son and I recently purchased a boat and we have really been enjoying ourselves. Boating is just as wonderful as I always imagined it to be.

first day of vacation

This painting began as a traditional looking watercolor that for me lacked any punch. The composition was off so I decided to cut it up into this funny little size. Then the fun began. I played with some of my favorite colors,turquoise,orange,pink lime green. I really enjoyed how Turquoise washed over perm.rose. I always seem to want to add lines as a design element. Not sure why it's just the way my brain works at the time. I am so looking forward to having time to paint and experiment with watercolor and then see where it takes me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


There is absolutely nothing about watercolor that is easy.There are a million different things running through my head as I paint. How can I possibly remember everything? Color mixing, lights darks,focal point, composition, style, emotion, the list goes on and on. At times the frustration can be overwhelming. What have I learned, how come I can't Get this. What is it I want. The process is never ending ..... as it should be I suppose.

I am still working on this painting it is a painting of Turks Cap Lily.Wish I had this in my garden.I need to add some dots and darken the end of the stamens and play around a bit more.