Saturday, June 13, 2009

first day of vacation

This painting began as a traditional looking watercolor that for me lacked any punch. The composition was off so I decided to cut it up into this funny little size. Then the fun began. I played with some of my favorite colors,turquoise,orange,pink lime green. I really enjoyed how Turquoise washed over perm.rose. I always seem to want to add lines as a design element. Not sure why it's just the way my brain works at the time. I am so looking forward to having time to paint and experiment with watercolor and then see where it takes me.


Forførende Farger said...

Lovely painting!
I like your use of colours.

Huge from Norway

Ruth said...

It's very pretty. (I have such expert opinions, full of painterly lingo and knowledge. Ha. I just know what I like.)

It must be soooo nice to be out of school for the summer. Even though I still work, it's still way slower and more civilized. And that's a very good thing.

But I do have a little wedding pressure!