Monday, December 13, 2010

Tis the season WIP

Snow day here in Michigan with sub-zero temps and ice. Beautiful really, but terrible to drive in. The icy blues are stunning.

I am going to add more greens and definition to some of the leaves. The trick is to keep it loose and not to dark. Very tricky business~ for me.
The veining on the one leaf is really wrong so i will need to try to fix it. I used a bamboo tipped stick to make the indentation so i may not be able to fix it. Watching colors do mix and blend is pure magic.


laura said...

Another exuberant painting! The petals seem to fly out from the center most joyously.
I would say don't bother trying to *fix* the veining ... I didn't notice; and I think the lines just contribute to the overall energy: they needn't be exact.

Ruth said...

Oh it's beautiful. I like the composition.

Yay for snow days! Yes, the roads are treacherous. I almost turned around to go back home. Icy the whole way to campus.

Leaving work now . . .

Barbra Joan said...

Cathy , its a beautiful poinsietta . and the bamboo stick is what I do too... very effecient for veining. It looks fine.. you know how we have to always 'pick' on something.!!