Thursday, September 18, 2008


I haven't been painting for about a week. I am just too exhausted from work . Every year I promise myself that I will still have a life and that work will not be the only focus in my life. But after work and household chores I'm wiped out. My creative spirit diminished and I take up residence on the my comfy red couch. In order to grow as an artist I need to practice so I need to commit to a certain number of paintings a week... hmmm....maybe 3 per week .....eek. I painted the fall trees last year.


Ruth said...

I could have written every word of that, except it would have been writing (or reading, or photographing) instead of painting. Oh, and my couch is green, not red.

Thanks for the orange trees from last year. I'm craving orange. See you still have something to share, it lasted all year. Don't be too hard on yourself.

laura said...

Gorgeous, Cathy! And something about the shapes in the canopy are painted makes me think of O'Keeffe!

Country French Antiques said...

Beautiful colors!
Really gets me in the mood for fall!

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful rich colour