Sunday, October 25, 2009


I saw my sister at the Ann Arbor Antique Fair last week and she reminded me that our mom loved Magnolias. So in honor of my sister and my mom I attempted a closeup of a Magnolia.

My sister also mentioned that she was running out of my watercolor cards, that I give out as gifts,and as the conversation continued she mentioned that she would love to have one of my paintings. Now here's the deal,my brother-in-law is a REAL artist, with degrees etc. Sooo If I can frame this to my liking it will be a gift to my sister. I just hope I'm not embarrassed by it when I see it in her home.
That would be Magnolias not Dogwoods, although mom loved those too.
This summer I planted 3 Jane Magnolia bushes.


cinner said...

hI, You should never be embarassed by your work. I think it is beautiful and I am sure your sister will love it because you did it. In my bathroom I have two watercolors in frames that my newphew did. I absolutely love them. He was 8. To me your artwork is beautiful and I don't know you, so it very well likely could be a highlight in your sisters home. Best wishes. Take care.

RHCarpenter said...

There is nothing to be embarrassed about with this painting, Cathy, it is bold, lovely, very feminine and flowing. And those real art degrees don't always mean the person with the degree is an artist! ha ha I think your sister will love this because of the subject and because of the artist - plus it's a good painting.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Cathy, I also love magnolias and this is a very nice painting. It is very fresh and painterly. Your sister will be thrilled.

Barbra Joan said...

I have never had an art lesson or class in my life. I used to feel inadequate about that but not anymore. (It just took me to reach a ripe old age) I think of it as a wonderful gift. Don't wait til your old to feel that.

Your paintings are a feast for the eyes, enjoy every minute.