Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WHO ME ???? yipee

Angela was generous enough to present me with the Kreative Blogger award which is amazing. I have such a difficult time negotiating the blog site that this is really a gift. Anyway as part of the award I must share 7 things about myself and bestow the gift on 7 other bloggers.

First things first
1.I love to paint and will often find one teeny tiny part of a painting that i love.
2. I collect antiques and all sorts of found objects
3. I love football
4. I love to sing when my son plays guitar
5. Gardening is my hobby
6. I enjoy a good book
7. I am a magazine addict
Now to pick 7 blog sites to give the award to.


RHCarpenter said...

Congratulations! I love reading new stuff about blogger friends :)

Ruth said...

Do you love college or pro football?

I bet you have some beautiful antiques. You have good taste, I can tell.

shicat said...

Hi Ruth, After watching my son play high school football I fell in love with this crazy un-hippy like sport! When Andy first started playing football i was a wreck. I would think to myself drop the ball and get out of there. ( He was on special teams and was a wide reciever) Oh, my goodness how times have changed. Now I like nothing better than to watch football allllll sunday. I watch college games as well. I'm an addict.