Saturday, December 4, 2010

Now and Then

I'm working on an interpretation of one of my older paintings.

Much to do for sure,but a good beginning and starting point.

Stamens have, and and are still, my nemesis. It's always such a challenge for me to place them in some believable fashion.

I think i see potential in my latest painting. If not i plan on cutting it up for a different project? We shall see how it all turns out?

Actually, I am fine however my painting or projects turn out given the fact that i have so little time to devote to art. I am looking forward to the Christmas break. That is when i will have time to explore and play...

Happy Holidays!


Ruth said...

I hope your break will offer a lot of free time and beautiful winter light to play and explore with your paints. Sometimes it takes a little space just for inspiration to come in the door, after the hectic pace of school.

You found bittersweet. I wish I could! I love it. Maybe you will paint it ... :)

laura said...

I love lilies and these are both so bright and lively--perfect for lilies!