Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where have I been???

Not sure? No posts since July 13th ???
Yikes time to get painting! I painted this painting for my back porch that was just renovated  into  a 3.5 season room;possibly a 4 season room unless we hit the -40 degree temps we had last winter.As for the painting I am not finished with it.I'm not quite sure about the colors and different parts of the painting. I used a palette knife for parts of the petals but something is amiss. I am living with it until I discover what it is that needs to be done.


Judy said...

Yes, we have missed you! :)
I like this one, looks great to me. But I know the feeling that something needs to be done with it. Looking forward to see how you solve it! said...

Welcome back. Love the painting, it looks great hanging up.

Jane said...

To me this looks super , LOVE the color combinations !

Helen H Trachy said...

I find your painting very soothing with the choice of colors. Nothing agressive here! Now is that what's bothering you, in need of a little punch maybe. But you're the one who has to decide. What does your wall look like? Is it neutral or already very colorful. All kinds of things enter into consideration. Good luck!