Monday, February 23, 2015


The top painting is almost done just a few more embellishments and it's a wrap!
The middle painting is complete it is inspired by waterlilies but as with most of my paintings it evolved throughout the painting process. The last painting is a still life from my painting class.We used a limited palette for the still life itself but we could choose the background. I still have a few things to add,such as, work on the tall vase and add fish to the lid;but this requires my being in class to see it:)  It's freezing in Michigan and,while being a fan of winter, i can honestly say that i am ready for spring:) Pray for Peace.


Blaga said...

You are moving towards some very beautiful and interesting abstracts. i like them a lot. Have fun, Cathy!

Jane said...

Love the abstract feeling of the waterlilies and the colorful still life !