Saturday, May 9, 2015

daily painting

12x14 painting finished. I started out painting from a photo and then let my imagination take over
. 5x7 birds nest is really a delightful little painting it is a painting redo of god knows what!
5x7 purple explosion -painting redo.
another small redo, using my imagination and playing .
5x10 redo actually this didn't photograph that wekk
5x7 redo
In progress 5x10. Painting daily has really helped me develop my painting style. I am more confident and generally begin my paintings with a photo or an idea -perhaps colors or shapes then i let the painting evolve. At times i let the painting find itself -by that i mean i apply color until i find shapes and get ideas. Mainly i try to not be a slave to the painting, i worked far to long to let this pleasure become that - work that is.


Liz Hill said...

You are so imaginative

Jane said...

Your colorful works always give me a surge of good energy , so many beautiful works here .

AK said...

I find it really difficult to go back to an old work. All these are fabulous. Would have loved to see the older version also.

Judy said...

All so vibrant and beautiful, Cathy!