Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flower photo is from my trip to the Antique Roadshow. My friend and I took a side trip to Saugatuck, a beautiful Lake Michigan town with wonderful art galleries.

I have a few other photos like this,taken at my dinning room table. I was contemplating painting it. It is probably too difficult of a subject matter.


Ruth said...

Saugie! Yay. I haven't been yet this summer, and I miss it.

I imagine painting all those reflections would be difficult. I ALWAYS admire painted reflections when I see them.

Thanks a bunch for visiting synchronizing, Cathy.

laura said...

Great pictures--both would make lovely paintings. The still life subject does look "difficult" but I think of what Charles Hawthorne said: don't think about the "things," think about shapes of colors; put one next to another and voila!
I'd like to try these myself someday, with your permission?!