Sunday, October 26, 2008

Before we knew

Hope is itself a species of happiness, and perhaps the chief happiness this world affords.-Samuel Johnson_( click on picture enlarge)

The diagnosis came fast and furious,who would have thought that bloating and gas were symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. Pathetic actually ,that there is no early detection for this dreadful disease. Could this be a women thing....hmmmm. Surely there is more that can be done. This is a great site. It is full of information about Ovarian Cancer and how we can help.

My friend is a fighter, aren't you Sharon. She is that one in a million type of person who puts the needs of people she loves before her own. Selfless and strong. Not much of a complainer. I have to think I would be a total wreck going through all that she has.Not her, she is working through this ,a day at a time, with intelligence,grace ,humor,and strength. Chemo is every three weeks, for now, and a tribute to her and her family, they are wonderful, we actually laugh our way through it. It's not unusual for the nurses to come in and want to join in on the fun. Isn't that incredible? I think so , but that's just how wonderful my friend is. This fall I plan on selling Cards for a Cure. All of the money will go to Ovarian Cancer research. I am hoping to complete this in a few weeks.

Sharon and I have been close friends for so many years that we often refer to one another as sisters. (not trans-sisters though)
Antony ,of Antony and the Johnsons ,is a tortured soul but has one hell of a vibrato. He sounds like a cross between Brian Ferry and Tiny Tim. Have a listen and see what you think. ( see the above site) . ************

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Maine Artist said...

This is a lovely watercolor portrait!, and the quote so true. It will make an excellent Card For A Cure. I am so sorry to hear about your friends diagnosis. It's good she is weathering treatment well with the support of good friends, family, and a caring oncology team. I know how important that is. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments, and for taking the time to visit my site. My Breast Cancer Journal is not for the fient-hearted, but I wanted to share some of the reality of my journey in the spirit of truth and hope.

PLO said...

I will keep your friend in my prayers. I had those symptoms, and was afraid of Ovarian cancer...and am having a hysterectomy on Tuesday. So far, they think it is just fibroids...

On another note, I am also a watercolor artist...and haven't done any paintings in years...maybe I will have to pull the paints out during recoup!

Debbie said...

Your tribute is beautiful. Best wishes to you and your sister/friend.

Ruth said...

I don't know how I missed this post, Cathy. It touches me that you and Sharon's family are laughing with her through chemo, how remarkable. My best friend Inge went through breast cancer 5 years ago, and it feels quite empty to be the friend, not knowing what to do, wishing you could take it away.

Sometimes now she says she misses the clarity of that time, when she was first diagnosed and in treatment. Interesting, no?

shicat said...

Thank you for your comment Ruth,it means a lot,in times of both laughter and tears. Yes,I wish I could take it away....waiting for a low number on her ca-125,i just know it will happen.

Ruth said...

My best to Sharon. It's hard to wait.