Wednesday, November 12, 2008

saturday morning

Looking out my bedroom window on a Saturday morning. What will this day bring? What will this season bring? Hope,sorrow,grief, joy,laughter?When I look out my window I can view the seasons,{I know I should forgo the puffy curtains,they take away from my view,but I can't resist!}Now that the leaves are turning i know that they will fall and that it will snow, and that the leaves will return.{It's the things I don't know that frighten me. Goodbye control.} The circle of life . Here's to a long fall ,filled with hope.


Ruth said...

Very pretty and feminine. The chandelier is gorgeous!

It's hard to surrender control. It takes daily practice, and a few good mantras.

As with your friend Sharon, it seems that when you actually meet the unthinkable, you have what it takes to face it.

Country French Antiques said...

Well I happen to like your puffy curtains!
Beautiful painting!!

susanna said...

Oh that is a very pretty illustration of your bedroom window. Yes, I've been feeling a bit sad to see the leaves fall to the ground in my neighborhood. I don't think I'm quite ready for winter. Ah well...when the snow arrives it will look pretty on everything.