Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finding my way

I began this painting yesterday. I told myself that I would plan out this painting,none of this,oh let's try this color here that looks like a great color I think I'll try it. NO I planned my palette! No impulsive color crazed behavior. Things went well for a while so I decided to stop painting. When I returned to paint my mood had changed.Impulsive behaviors took over and well wrong wash here lost flower there.... ugh. Now I need to either quit or find a new direction. Possibly some magical under painting,cropping or scrubbing until a giant hole appears and the inevitable happens.


RHCarpenter said...

Cathy, you've got some luscious, pure color going on throughout most of the painting - the lower left looks a bit muddled, though and I think I'd just do some judicious cropping of that and you'll have a gorgeous painting :)

shicat said...

Rhonda I thought about cropping and, well as you see the rest is history. I decided not to play it safe,after all it's just paper! I think i just may be learning the curve is steep but fun to climb.