Saturday, December 13, 2008

virtual sketch date Dec.

Well here it is. I am not a landscape painter, at least I haven't painted that many. The drippy painting at the top was my feeble attempt to loosen up my painting. I also added a bit of ink. I was a little frustrated at the lack of color and couldn't come up with an interesting pallete. Sort of zzzz paintings. Happy holidays to all.


Rose Welty said...

Cathy, it's really fun to have an excuse to expermient each month with the VSD isn't it?

Your link is now on the post. I didn't run the VSD this month, so I am not sure what happened, but it's there now. It may be that your email came in late and I don't think Stacy checked after Sunday. If you sent your email in before you posted, that may have been the problem. Wait until you have posted your images, then copy the link (right click on the title of the post) and send that to the email. We like to have links to the VSD posts, not just blog homepages because people visit at all different times - your VSD post won't always be at the top of your blog.

Again, sorry that this has happened a few months in a row. I hope it works better in January. Thanks again for participating. Can't wait to see your art in January!

The Happy Painter said...

My favs are the top loose one . I like the daring drips! And I like the more traditional bottom one. I find neither of them boring!!!

Kim Saxe said...

Lovely work. I LOVE your first one! The color, the drips, the linework. Perfect!