Saturday, February 14, 2009

wine and roses abstractions

I have been frustrated with my attempts to paint the wine and roses weigela bush. They are beautiful bushes with a reddish,blue green leaf. The flowers have proved to be difficult for me to draw or paint. My past post was also an attempt at painting the same flower. I chose a different color palette for this painting and while I liked the colors i had chosen the flowers were a mess. So this morning i took some water color pencils and began to play. I am thinking of splattering some cobalt turquoise to the outer sides of the painting.


laura said...

Wow, this is so dynamic. Love the colors!
(PS Wanted to recommend the novels of Gail Tsukiyama to you, since you're a fan of Amy Tan's; Tsukiyama's books are all wonderful--you can't go wrong.)

Angela said...

I love this one just as it is! Beautiful colors and interesting to look at!

Play more often!

Ruth said...

I love the colors too! This is so alive and full of joy. It's fun to see you try a new palette.

r garriott said...

Such rich, vivid color! Nicely done.

Chris said...

really, simply, beautiful.

bubblemunch said...

This is gorgeous - really lush and sensuous.