Sunday, April 12, 2009

crop job

I posted a dreadful painting the other day that was so horrible I removed the post. It was scary! Today I cropped that painting into 4x6's and I think I am much happier. Perhaps I will make a grouping with them.Oh, and I will get rid of the pencil line in the top drawing or maybe emphasize it with water color pencil or pastel?


RHCarpenter said...

The top cropped one is my favorite. Hope the pencil line comes off - or you go in with pastel or wc pencil and play it up :) You can always find something (or several somethings) even in a painting you dislike. Someday I hope to fall in love with a whole painting I've done!

Ruth said...

These are very nice, I like how your cropped images fill the frame.

BMoon said...

Ah, I LOVE your colors here.....bold and unapologetic. Fab.