Sunday, April 19, 2009

kitchen table

A painting of flowers on my kitchen table. Watercolor,pastel and watercolor pencil.Oops need to fix the table on the left.

Daniel Smith's sale catalog just arrived and the watercolor crayons look inviting. Also, I'm curious about brushes, what are your preferences? My sable brush paints much different from the blends?


laura said...

Well, I wouldn't worry about "fixing" the table--I don't see anything here that bothers me.
This is really a great painting, great division of the space--it really works for me--and it looks like you're going in a new direction too!

Angela said...

I don't see what you need to fix either - I like it as is!

Please tell us how you like the wc crayons if you try them - I've been so curious to know what they're like (but have too many other things I want more to spend the $ on them right now! :))

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love this one Cathy - all those bright colours in proximity and painted with such gusto and confidence. A wow!

Annelein said...

great colors...nice movement. About the brush question...I really like the synthetic brushes, because I give mine quite a workout. The natural hairs are wonderful and beautiful, but I find I scrub a bit and can really shred them...the synthetics hold up a little better.