Sunday, February 13, 2011


I couldn't decide on colors on this one,which is usually not my problem. I was also thinking that i needed a floor lamp but i was to far along in the painting when i decided so i had to settle for a lamp on the fireplace. I am finding interiors so much easier than flowers? Crazy.
I just noticed the crooked lampshade,now it is like home:)


Sandra said...

You sound surprised that you find this subject easier than flowers - and I'm surprised too because you have been painting flowers for at least as long as I've been following your blog!
It's a nice feeling though isn't it, to attempt something different and realise that you can do it? And also it's nice to be able to show a variety of different subjects too.
I love the colours in this - such a warm cozy palette - and the crooked lamp-shade gives it character too :0D

Jane said...

I would like to sit in that corner and sip a cup of tea, it's so cosy and warm. The colors as usual are fantastic.

Cinner said...

Every time I come here I am inspired to get at painting. love the colors. I like the crooked lamp shade. have a happy Valentines Day.

Judy said...

I like your interiors very much! Very colourful and warm.