Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulips in the snow

I am home today because of a blizzard, yes blizzard? We had a terrific storm last night in Michigan. Honestly i feel like i live in the arctic...brrrr. Tulips are on my mind, with all of the cold and snow. Looking out at my garden it's hard to believe life exists under all of the snow. But alas, in just a few short months Michigan will be enjoying another beautiful spring.

I am still trying to loosen up playing with lost and found edges while still keeping colors vibrant. It looks much easier than it is. Funny i always thought painting loose meant fast painting, now i think the opposite is true. One painting is wet in wet the other is not,both are 5x7.
Now let's see should i mix paint on the palette or on the paper hmmmm?


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Brrrrrrrrrrr... icy here in texas! Thank you for the warm colors to thaw me out!

Jane said...

Cathy, I like your tulips and your very strong coloring very much. I see that we have something in common..the frequent use of bold red color!

Ruth said...

One thing I really like about these vibrant paintings is the way the tulips are open, especially in the second one. I didn't appreciate wide-open tulips until later in my life . . .

Well the storm has come, and ended? I'm surprised at how fairly easily the whole thing has come and gone. It's beautiful out there now. And maybe you will have no school again tomorrow? Don's is canceled. I'm sure MSU won't cancel again, but that's ok, I need to get back and see students!

Stay cozy.