Sunday, January 30, 2011

Learning As I Go

Painting Sunday, a nice break from the work week and a marvelous distraction from anything that causes grief,despair and stress.

Saturday morning,bright and early i hit the local library determined to pick up Flower Painting in Watercolor by Charles Reid. In doing so i ran across a few more books that peaked my interest. In painting this picture, I thought about the contour drawings of Reid and the brush strokes he advocates. Then i thought about the artist in the best of watercolor Splash 8, Mckibbin and who talked about putting his watercolors in the shower for half a day and scraping and stenciling them.

His painting was beautiful and full of texture and light. I loved it.

After all of that inspiration i went through some references determined to loosen up ,and well, as you can see i need a bit more practice which is fine because I'm enjoying the ride! Happy Painting.


Irina said...

This inspiration was not wasted, these flowers are SO flowers. Great.

Sandra said...

It seems we are on the same journey Cathy! Isn't it fun? For almost all of last year I was on a quest to be able to paint loosely but I always failed completely! I realise now that my mistake was 'trying' to be loose whilst still trying to have all of the contol. Recently I am learning that the two techniques don't work together and that the only way it works for me is to allow my brushes to move freely, and let the paint take most of the control whilst I just try to influence it!
My next few landscapes are not nearly so loose as my last and I have used very different techniques. It's fun to try everything though :0)
I like your painting a lot. You always produce such vibrant colours! Really uplifting :0)

Jane said...

This is a happening of colors, full of energy and life. It really talks to me!

carolking said...

Just beautiful! It has a bit of a stained glass feel to me.

Blaga said...

When I saw your blog I was captivated by the bold intense colors. I love the way you use them, very inspiring!

Ruth said...

To get lost in painting, this is a gift. So much in the world to distract us from the core inside. Keep protecting it, my friend.