Saturday, March 13, 2010

All things considered

Call me crazy, today I went outside in the wind and rain and cut pussy willow and forsythia branches,a spring time ritual. Unfortunately the good pussy willow branches were at the top of the bush. I noticed them while chatting to a friend and decided that they were just too beautiful to pass up. So I attempted to cut them while hanging out of an upstairs bedroom window. Amusing to anyone who would have witnessed it,but totally unsuccessful. Needless to say I fetched the ladder and loppers and away I went.Success.

As for the painting I painted this today. I am not loving the buds at the top, what was I thinking. I thought I would post this since it is the closest thing to a successful painting that I've had all week.


laura said...

I love the painting--with your usual strong colors; the choice of the red in the lower right corner is an unexpected and therefore even more delightful one!
I had no idea pussywillows grew so big!

Melanie Rawlings said...

this is very lovely. i think the buds are fine.

Ruth said...

The gold just glows, like jewels.

I love the idea of cutting forsythia and pussy willow branches.