Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For the doing...

Well Sunday, also known as fun day, was that indeed. I visited a bookstore and bought 2 new books; The Women, a novel about the women in Frank Lloyd Wright's life and Endurance Shackleton's incredible Voyage to Antarctica in 1914. I also visited an art store and bought a few pastels and some ink pens. I manged to use all of the new supplies on this painting. Like a kid in a toy store I couldn't wait to try them out. Who cares if the Lillie's centers are overworked!
"You do the work for the doing not for the fruit"
( David Lynch )
Or in my case to greedily use your new stuff!


laura said...

It is fun to play with new supplies--and it shows in this painting, especially when enlarged: I liked seeing all the little dots and splatters! Very strong color--which I love!
I have Boyle's "The Women," too--but haven't started it yet; let me know what you think of it. (I loved his "Drop City"!)

Ruth said...

Inspiration!! Ain't it grand.