Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to the Iris again. This time I tried for a more transparent violet.
I'm thinking the orange under the Iris needs another wash and perhaps more back painting? Maybe just another painting of the Iris with a different direction.

This painting is before I added more darks and bits of scarlet lake and cad red. The violet in the background is actually less brown than it looks.Looking at it,it seemed to lack zing. So I added darker blue greens and bits of orange.


laura said...

The darks you added worked beautifully--this is really nice! I love the purple, and you've captured that papery quality of the iris (I find irises SO difficult to draw!).
I personally like the white space, but that is my predisposition!

Ruth said...

Yes, the iris are so delicate as Laura said. The colors look great to me! But I can never critique paintings, as I'm not a painter. I just know I love yours.