Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today has to be one of my favorites. Lots of clouds and rain. A perfect day to stay inside and paint,while listening to Antony. I bought some iris at the market this week. One of the most beautiful flowers. Actually, I have never purchased them as a cut flower before and am interested to see how long they will last.
My painting is going to a place where I want to be ,that is, paintings that have some structure and a lot of color dancing around. The cad yellow was disappointing and the main iris is a bit dark. I am really more interested in the colors that dance in the back .


RHCarpenter said...

Well you've definitely taken advantage of your rainy day - this is beautiful and very full of color and a great rhythm! Perhaps a song title for the title would work since it does seem very musical :)

Ruth said...

Oh I love irises too.

It's interesting to me that I love the iris painting, I think partly because of the 'white' space. But you say it is still in process, so many that space will be filled, and it will be gorgeous still. I like the yellow. What disappointed you about it?