Tuesday, March 3, 2009

paint problems

Lately everything I paint just isn't what I want.Painting failures one after another. I am trying to go in a different direction and it is proving difficult. Maybe I am just not the type of painter that I am trying to be. Painting with less control actually takes more planning then painting in a more controlled fashion. So I posted a painting from a year or so ago. The subject matter seems appropriate spring.... hope.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Cathy, Your looser paintings may not be what you expected, and I agree with you that they take way more work and planning ahead of time. Naturally intuitive loose painters don't seem to have to plan as much but instead, have to learn about putting composition together well.

Your looser paintings have great energy and expression in them, even though they may not be all you hoped for. Keep at it.

Combine a little of both ends - loose and controlled.... expect to try maybe 50 paintings in a loose manner before beginning to feel accomplished in the process. You can do it - and the energy in your looser paintings is wonderful. They're invigorating to look at and certainly strongly caught my attention.

Go for it. Good luck.

Ruth said...

Cathy, this is so very beautiful. It is reminiscent of old flower prints/illustrations. I can understand being overwhelmed by a new method or style. I know when I try that in writing, it always feels good to come back to what feels good, and it seems that its easier, but also informed by what I experimented with.

As you know from my new header, I too was ready for spring.

laura said...

This is a lovely painting--nice drawing, and the tulips are so light and delicate looking.
It always amazes me how bloggers sometimes seem to be experiencing the same thing: I'm going through a period of dissatisfaction too!
Maybe I should stop trying to be a particular kind of painted and just be a painter! :-)

shicat said...

Sandy,wow, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I will take them in and do as you suggest. I certainly do respect your opinion.The fifty painting idea will most certainly help me through the process. I was thinking about my lack of impulse control,lately, when it comes to painting, and thought possibly it could be from my frenetic work situation... always a challenge. Perhaps I can harness that and continue on. thank you again.

shicat said...

Hi Ruth, I love your writing. It seems to bring out the best in everyone. I can't get that line out of my head when you talked about wandering around your house and wishing the wind would take you to your children. Of course, you said it so much better. It brings tears to my eyes, but it is a place for me to go and I hold on to it,now that I am an empty nester too.

Angela said...

Cathy - hang in there. That's what I feel like more often than not lately. I just went looking for a painting to post and realized I had absolutely nothing I was happy enough with right now.

Put these 'failures' in the closet for a week or so, then pull them out and take a new look at them.
Or post them when you're feeling especially brave, then take the comments to heart. I can't imagine you creating a truly horrible painting - I think you've got to be looking at them too subjectively. If they really are that bad - well, all you can do is figure out what you learned, be glad for that and move on. You're a wonderful artist, I've loved everything I've seen of yours so far!

These tulips are gorgeous. I just cannot wait until spring!

shicat said...

Hi Laura, It is true about us all going through similar painting experinces. You have a show and that adds stress. What an honor. I am sure everyone will enjoy your beautiful paintings. It's funny, when you talk about paintings that inspire you I always think, you already paint like that,even better.

RHCarpenter said...

Never never give up hope, Cathy - you'll get there or at least somewhere you will be happy to sit and say, "Hey, I made it!"

shicat said...

Rhonda and Angela, I am so deeply touched by your encouragement. Posting has really helped me grow as an "artist" and mostly its allowed me to get to know and share experiences,opinions and thoughts on art with people,such as yourselves for which I am thankful.

Ruth said...

Thank you for that, Cathy. I wrote a poem about it actually, which is why that image came to me now. When my son moved out, in the poem, I was holding on to the couch cushions so I wouldn't get sucked out with him.

I'm pretty sure our art benefits when our circumstances are hard and bring out our emotions.

I hope you'll find comfort in these days.